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Primary Document Analysis

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In your analysis of this document, be sure to answer the following questions:

Who is the author of this journal entry?
Duncan M’Gillivray, the author of this journal was most commonly known for his career in the fur trade industry. He began his career in the early 1970s when he and his brother travelled to Montreal from Scotland. His education and business in fur trade prospered from the support of the Montreal fur-trade merchant. His prime time during his career was between the years 1794 and 1795 when he was working as a clerk for the North West Company.  
Where was the journal entry written?
M’Gillivray kept a journal during his prime years at Fort George on the North Saskatchewan River. His journals give dramatic descriptions of the life and travel while working in fur trade and his time serving the North West Company.
In what economic activity was the author engaged?
Duncan was involved in the fur trade industry starting from the early 1790s until he passed away on April 9, 1808. He worked for the North West Company which was one of the two dominant fur trading companies at that time.
fur trade- examples, way the trade works, concern about alcohol, alcohol is bad - historical evidence, European, trade what he expected to get in return, challenges,

To what does the author refer when he mentions ‘English Indians’ and ‘that House’?
When the author refers to “English Indians”, he is referring to the Indians who trade with the Hudson Bay Company.   “That House” is the post that belongs to the Hudson Bay Company.
What role did the aboriginal population play in business activity?
What does this journal entry tell us about European attitudes towards aboriginals?

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