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Identify the Following Primary Characters and Places from Beowulf. (Two sentences) 1. Beowulf- He is the main character in this story, he is the good guy who fights the monster Grendel. He is a very strong warrior who proves himself to be a wise ruler. 2. Hrothgar- He is the King of the Danes who is wise and aged. He is a admirable and father figure to Beowulf. 3. Heorot- Is the hall that serves as a palace for King Hrothgar. In this hall he presents Beowulf with 8 horses and it serves as a government and residence for the king's. 4. Hygelac- He is Beowulf's uncle who is king of the Geats. He is very happy and eagerly invites him back from Denmark. 5. Breca- Is Beowulf childhood friend and defeated him in a swimming match. They…show more content…
Unferth- He is a Danish warrior who is jealous of Beowulf. He proved himself to be inferior to Beowulf because he wouldn't fight Grendel. 7. Wiglaf- He is a young kingsman who helps Beowulf to slay the dragon. Others didnt help Beowulf so he proved himself to be a successor to Beowulf. 8. Grendel's Mother- She possesses very little human qualities. 9. Grendel- Is the demon dragon who prays on Hrothgar's warriors, Heorot. He is ruthless and miserable because of Cain's murder of Able. 10. the Dragon and the Dragon's Lair- Was an ancient, powerful serpent who guards treasure. Beowulf goes to the hidden mound and fights with the dragon. Answer the following questions. 11. What project does Hrothgar order undertaken to ensure his fame? What is the name of that construction project? He constructed a mead hall, called Heorot. Men gathered with their lord to drink and listen to…show more content…
Grendel's mother kills whom in retaliation for her son's death? Where does Grendel's mother live? She killed Hrothgar’s trusted warrior. She lives in a dark cave in the bottom of a murky lake. 18. When Beowulf retells his battle to Hrothgar, he lets us know what happened to the sword after it penetrated the female monster's skin. Although the hilt and handle and crossguard survive, what happens to the blade itself after fatally stabbing the monster? The female monster’s blood melted the blade. 19. Discuss the pagan and Christian qualities in Beowulf. (page 907 and throughout the play) Beowulf exhibits Christian qualities of loyalty, humility, sacrifice for the good of others, and sympathy for the less fortunate, yet, also exhibits negative qualities such as greed and pride. Pagan influence is seen as well with the use of Giants, supernatural beings, the worship of animals and Beowulf’s endless quest for glory. 20. alliterations : The repetition of sound in the first syllable in a series of words. Beowulf often used a series of three alliterations in a line. In Beowulf this is an example: Now Beowulf bode in the burg of the Scyldings, Leader beloved, and long he ruled In fame with all folk since his father had gone .

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