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Name Nicole Fuller__________________________ Date___2/10/12____ Unit 2 Anatomy Lab – The Circulatory System *To be completed with Primal Pictures© lab Label the following structures: 1. Pulmonary valve 6. Left ventricle 2. Aortic valve 7. Inferior vena cava 3. Tricuspid valve 8. Pulmonary artery 4. Bicuspid valve 9. Pulmonary vein #10 #10 5. Right ventricle 10. Aortic arch #1 #1 #5 #5 #3 #3 #7 #7 #6 #6 #4 #4 #2 #2 #9 #9 #8 #8 Vessels 11. What vessel branch of the common carotid feeds the brain and eyes? The Internal carotid 12. How many branches does the external carotid artery have? It has 6. 13. What does the axillary artery supply? It supplies the upper limbs. 14. What is the function of the inferior mesenteric artery? It functions to supply the second half of the large intestine. 15. What is the function of the cystic artery? It functions to supply oxygenated blood to the gallbladder and cystic duct. 16. What is the function of the portal vein? It functions to carry blood to the liver. 17. What does the portal vein drain? It drains blood from the pancreas, spleen and digestive organs and delivers it to the liver. 18. What is the function of the dorsalis pedis artery? It functions to carry oxygenated blood from the dorsal surface of the foot. 19. What is the pulse felt behind the knee? What is this vessels’ function? The Popliteal pulse, it supplies the blood to the knee joint. 20. What is the longest vein in the body named? The Great saphenous vein is the longest in the

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