Pride in Serving the Military

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Is there pride in serving the military What is pride? There are two types of pride. There is a just and worthy pride and the other one is a sinful pride. (The worthy pride) It is a high or inordinate opinion of one’s own dignity, importance, merit or superiority, whether as cherished in the mind or as displayed in bearing, or conduct. To me this means to have the feeling of being achieved in something done by oneself. (The selfless pride) It is doing things that are selfless. To me this means to do things without thought. There is pride in serving the military because they protect the people, they protect our rights, and they give us our freedom that is ours. First there is pride in protecting our people. Our military protects our people day and night. They train by an everyday schedule, about one hundred pushups, two miles of running, one hundred sit-ups, and if swimming, they do five hundred yards. They are willing to learn to protect the people. They learn how to be stronger, faster, and to be good at these things. Secondly there is pride in protecting our rights. They start protecting our rights when they sign up, or get chosen to go on a mission for our country. Also when they leave their homes and families, even though in their minds they know what they are going to endure. They are knowing that they will have pain when they leave their home. Or if they are at war they fear loosing loved ones or close friends. Lastly there is pride in giving us our freedom. They give us our freedom when they succeed at their goal, or defeat the enemy. They have many tasks to do when they are earning our freedom. They have to give up their lives, because they don’t now what is coming, they have to survive, and they have to push to succeed. They should feel absolute pride when giving us our freedom because they know that they have accomplished something
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