Pride and Prejudice Essay

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Do you think jane austen presents Elizabeth Bennet as a strong character in pride and prejudice ? how is Elizabeth’s behaviour affected by the society in which the novels set. Elizabeth Bennet is one of the mentally strongest characters in the story and follows her own rules in which sometimes goes against the the social trends going on at that time . as a character she speaks her mind and what she believes in,and also disregards social hierarchy, judging and making decisions merely on her sole preference. Early in the story Austen introduces Elizabeth’s character through her parent’s eyes. Mr Bennet’s favourite daughter is Elizabeth however her mother suggests she is ‘half as good looking as Jane’ or ‘Half as humoured as lydia’ , early on this quote suggests Elizabeth is approved more by her father inferring that she is the most mature of the daughters and disregards her mothers approach to marriage as these are the traits the most ‘approved’ daughter has and we see Mr Bennet disregard his wife’s approach also . Elizabeth is not always portrayed as a strong character but we see her weak and unforgiving. she states ‘ I could easily forgive his pride , if he had not mortified mine’, Austen uses this quote to demonstrate that a strong character such as Elizabeth is not always un harmed by the words of a man but hurt sometimes, also we see Elizabeth quite careful about her pride and unforgiving towards Darcy .However this quote can be interpreted in a different way as some may suggest this demonstrates Elizabeth’s strength as a character as she does not shy away but says what she believes in freely . Austen presents Elizabeth’s attitude to marriage as free and open, not following what others believe marriage should be as but feeling that marriage should be the joining of two unions for the sole purpose of love, not wealth or social security. Charlotte Lucas a

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