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Pride Here in the south, pride is something that comes maybe a little too easily to some people. Name it, and Louisiananians are probably proud of it—whether that be their houses, their children, their jobs, their ancestors, and so on. Most people think of pride as being something they can hold over others’ heads, like in material possessions. However, pride Pride not only belongs to the actions of present past, but it belongs to achievements and choices of one. Pride can basically be broken down into two definitions at both ends of the spectrum; one being, “inordinate self-esteem,” and the other, “a reasonable or justifiable self-respect.” Pride covers three main aspects of one’s life—family, how you make your living, and your devotion to a person, group, or cause. The family is the reflection of the one’s life. A family is where the relations between the members are positive, a family that leads to the person’s self-perfection is a true subject of being proud. Children are not just family members but also the continuance of the parents. It can be even said that children truly are the future of their parents, the reflection of their inner world. And each step that a child takes makes the parent proud, makes them feel that they will not be forgotten in this world but realized through their children. A lot of efforts and love are put into the family and that is why the fact that this very family is the best in the world is not to be argued but taken as an axiom. This is my pride is family. the real pride should belong to works one does or choices he/she makes and not things that are given to one at birth. Nowadays pride has only become a tool for us, to make us feel better about ourselves when actually there is nothing to be proud of. This pride is nothing but destructive; it can lead to a false feeling of self importance or even worse -- to

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