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What Pride Means to Me What does pride mean? Sure, a simple textbook answer would please the mind of most, but to look beyond a slew of words defining such a complexity is to fully understand and grasp the meaning of "pride". I am being prideful with my words, I would like to think that my vocabulary is beyond most my age; Do I take too much pride in that? To me, pride can easily be described as being boastful of the work that I do, the things that I know, and my ability to learn. To others, pride can have a completely different definition. Being prideful can be as simple as being a solid individual, meaning this person is solid in their beliefs and little will change that. Once again, this is just a taste of the complexity when it comes to pride. I take pride in my work. Being prideful in the things that I do helps maintain the importance of why I am doing it in the first place. If the individual does not care about the project or work that he or she may be working on, it will show in the end result as being sloppy and unorganized. Showing pride in work demonstrates that I am proud in my accomplishments and am willing to show it off as an example. There are possibilities of having too much pride. This will result in ignorance to new ideas or areas of criticism. When this happens, pride hinders our ability to learn and adapt to certain situations. So is having too much pride such a bad thing? Not always, in fact, it is good to take a lot of pride in certain things. There are certain experiences in life, certain situations that should be looked at with much pride. An example of this would be the United States of America, I take much pride in my country. Our ability to have freedom, equality, and liberty is unmatched by any other nation and I take much pride in that. In this circumstance, things that alter my opinion about this

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