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Calorie Management Program PRG/211 Calorie Management Program In order to maintain a healthy body, a lifestyle that ensures a daily balanced caloric count must be maintained. This paper presents a pseudocode solution for a calorie management program. Taking as input the values of calories consumed and calories burnt in a day, the program tells the user whether the calorie count is balanced for the day or not. Furthermore, the program also tells the user whether an imbalance has contributed in gaining or losing of any weight. The program solution comprises of four modules; Option Menu, Get Input, Find Calorie Info and Generate Output. The paper highlights the details of each module which includes the input to the module, the underlying process logic and the output generated. In order to test the logic of the proposed pseudocode design, the algorithm has been developed and tested in Visual Logic. In order to maintain a healthy body, a balance needs to be maintained between the calories consumed and those burned. On consuming 3,500 calories more than what a person burns, weight equivalent to 1 pound is gained. Conversely, by burning 3,500 calories higher than what is consumed, a person loses 1 pound of weight (BodyMedia, 2012). In this assignment it is required to develop the pseudocode of a software program which, on account of the daily food intake and activities performed, determines whether a person is maintaining a balance between his daily calorie consumption and burning. Based on the caloric values entered it also provides an estimate of the weight gained or lost on that particular day. In order to determine the daily gain in pounds for a person, the caloric values for all the foods and beverages consumed by a user on that day need to be entered into the program. Similarly, it is required that the user provides all the

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