Prg 421 Week 1 Dq 2

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DQ 2 -List two advantages and two disadvantages of using unified modeling language as a standard for object-oriented programs. Advantages: 1. The Unified Modeling Language (UML) is a higher level programming language which helps in acquiring an overall view, visualizing, specifying, constructing and documenting a project. Instead of entities it is the models object of classes. Its models it shows the entity/relationship models. When someone draws the UML diagram of a existing group of classes of a project. They could see where the relationship lies. You could see which classes depend on other classes. It is a higher level programming language. 2. It provides the Clarity to understand the project, if at any point, there is confusion over the exact meaning of a particular UML component, reference can be made to the formal description to verify its semantics. If we have big project that can have thousands classes in it then it is hard understand the project by reading the code line by line. But once we examine the package diagrams, the dependencies, the class diagrams. Then it is easier to understand quickly. Disadvantages: 1. It is quite hard to deal with UML for non-expert users. It takes a lot of patience and thinking to do a correct excellent design for the project we are looking for. That’s why there are organizations that are developing a programming language based only on UML. It is called reverse engineering. We just draw the diagrams and it will generate the code for us. 2. There is a standard called SDL that we can do a complete high/low level program dealing with the trickiest problems(like networking) by just drawing diagrams that just make sense to normal

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