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Revising and Editing of Falling Down the Well Shaun Pare Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts Online Program Revising and Editing of Falling down a well Revising and editing are two different things when it comes to writing. What is the difference between the two of the methods used when writing a rough draft? Revising is: “the careful overhaul of the draft based on the shortcomings uncovered during the evaluating step and might include reorganizing the presentation, adding text to clarify or support an idea, smoothing transitions to improve the flow” (Board, 2014 pg.5). Now Editing is: “engages the writer in checking for consistency and coherence. In the final stages of editing, called proofreading, the writer corrects any typographical and spelling mistakes and improves the cosmetic appearance of the document”(Board, 2014). With these two methods I will redo the classmate’s narrative essay. In the changes for revising the essay, the order of the paragraphs will change. Some of the lines don’t make sense may need to add extra information. For the editing part there is a lot missed spelled words, also some sentences don’t make any sense. REVISIONS To start with revising the first thing is the intro: This paper is about how one time I fell down a well and broke my leg. I would get rid of the second sentence: The paper will be awesome, no need for this. I would reword the third sentence to make it flow better like use “the” instead of “this” story. I would reword after the first coma right after me, the last sentence I would reword the beginning of it. I would say “The main idea is I broke my leg” then add the rest. The second paragraph I would use as my closing paragraph at the end of the paper. The last paragraph that begins with: “Before I fell” this would be the second paragraph. It is showing the action before the traumatic

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