Preventive Dentistry Essay

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Preventative dentistry is taking care of your teeth, this is the ultimate goal. It is important to know why preventative dentistry is important and know how to use this information to prevent the diseases that may occur. The first step leading into preventative dentistry is developing a partnership between the dentist and a patient. This begins from when a child is one year old, by visiting the dentist for the first time and continuing with regular checkups throughout your life. Factors that influence on having a healthy smile includes: education, use of fluorides, nutrition, dental sealants and plaque control programs. Patient education can begin at any time. Even if you have always brushed a certain way its important you learn the correct way to brushing flossing, and generally taking care of your teeth. Many people still don’t know the proper way to brush their teeth. Brushing your teeth only takes about two minutes. It is best to use short, gentle strokes at the gum line. Make sure to take special care around fillings, crowns, and other restorations. It is better if you follow the same steps every time you brush. Clean the outer surfaces of your upper teeth and then the lower, continue to the inner surfaces from upper to lower, brushing the chewing surfaces are also important and make sure not to forget the tongue. Keeping a healthy smile doesn’t just stop at brushing, flossing and mouthwash are also a very important. Some people think that just brushing is enough; this is where education comes in handy. Brushing only cleans about 25% of the germs in your mouth. Flossing is very easy to use but is very effective because it removes the plaque and food that stays in between your teeth that the toothbrush can’t reach. This is important because plaque can cause tooth decay and eventually gum disease. The correct way to floss is to use about 18

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