Prevention Of Medical Erros Essay

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Running Head: PREVENTION OF MEDICAL ERRORS 1 Prevention of Medical Errors and the Computerized Decision Support Systems (CDSS) solution Melissa Gordon Chamberlain College of Nursing Professor Bulko February 15, 2011 Running Head: PREVENTION OF MEDICAL ERRORS 2 Abstract Incorrect prescription and administration of medications account most of the medical errors in our facility, as well as the entire USA which challenges patient safety. Those mistakes can adverse drug events that result in considerable patient morbidity and enormous costs to the health-care system. Introducing a Computerized Decision Support Systems (CDSS) into an organization can dramatically reduce the incidences. CDSS's are typically designed to integrate a medical knowledge base, patient data and an inference engine to generate case specific advice. The features of a CDSS is that it provides a review of orders as they are written, comparing new and existing orders, scanning for possible drug interactions, appropriate dosing schedules, and alerting the physician to pertinent lab results. In addition to reducing medication errors, it can help impact a physician’s decisions and the plan of care for a patient. This system can also recommend less expensive alternative medications to decrease patient care costs. The system also has the means to identify and prevent duplications related to medications, testing, and imaging. All of these features can contribute to improving patient safety by reducing incorrect prescription and administration of medications. Business Scenario Over the years recent research has shown that health care delivered in the United States often falls short of optimal, evidence

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