Prevention Of Homelessness Paper

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Prevention University of Phoenix (Axia College) HSM 210 October 11, 2009 Prevention Homelessness is a social crisis that is forcing communities around the country to re-evaluate the best approaches and solutions in reducing homeless families and individuals. Recent studies and research strongly suggest that proactive prevention strategies such as CBT are necessary and effective in curtailing homelessness among those segments of the population that are more susceptible to entering this condition. In order to provide prevention services, knowing the risk factors for homelessness is critical. Studies have found that the top five causes of homelessness are: 1) lack of add fordable housing; 2) low paying jobs; 3) mental health problems and lack of needed services; 4) substance abuse problems and lack of needed services; 5) domestic violence and lack of needed services. Since prevention programs must target people who are at risk for homelessness, it is also critical to have an understanding of these risk factors when trying to reduce the occurrence of homelessness. I think that the primary strategy, which…show more content…
After shuffling through the attempted solutions to the main problem of homelessness, I have found that the biggest issue of all is getting bills passed and finding funds to assist these organizations. The government would be mostly affected because they are required to produced the funds when they create such organizations. I believe that most issues have been thought about and many solutions have been made to prevent poverty. It seems that whenever there is a issue it concerns the lack of funds. It would be helpful if the there was fund raising and campaigns to get people to donate money for the prevention of homelessness and hopefully this would spark social policy and public opinion to solving the problem of

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