Prevention of Bullying Essay

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Prevention of Bullying Hurting someone's self-esteem in any manner should not be a nature of our society and preventative measures should be set in place to avoid it. Bullying refers to the use of force and/or verbal threats to compel a child, adolescent or adult to do something that he or she does not wish to do and/or to humiliate the victim, usually in front of others of about the same age. Male bullies are usually considerably larger and stronger than the victim and are also usually older. Female bullying is different from male bullying, in that girls are more likely to use words alone to torment their chosen victims, rather than threatening physical injury as well as using verbal threats. Girls may bully other girls with name-calling or by spreading vicious and untrue rumors about the female victims to others. In some cases, bullying is a temporary and minor annoyance; in other cases, children are so traumatized that they develop a learned helplessness, believing that they cannot do anything and even that they deserve to be bullied. This negative attitude may continue into adulthood if no intervention occurs in childhood or adolescence. Bullying should be avoided by standing up or facing the bully and reaching an amicable solution to end these acts; in addition, bullies once identified should be punished to deter any future incidences of bullying. Bullying impairs students ability to learn in school by creating negativity, which should be stopped before it starts. As a research on website "" displays that conducting an assessments on bullying at school district will create positive consequences. An assessment will provide background information on bullying as it happens and where it happens, how it happens and to get a hunch of people responsible for such an act. Patents and youth as well have a role to play in preventing bullying at

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