Preventing Childhood Obesity: Annotated Bibliography

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Annotated Bibliography Pamela Lockett HCS/465 February 16, 2015 Angela Miller, MBA, SSBB Harper, Mary G. MSN, RN (2006) Childhood Obesity: Strategies for Prevention Retrieved from http:/ This article discusses that there are children who are overweight and what should be done to help prevent it. One of the ways to help prevent childhood obesity is to change the way they participate in physical activity. It is said that those students (approximately one third) in high school do not participate in gym activities in school or extracurricular physical activites regularly. Also those who live in unsafe neighborhoods or come from homes who parents work spend more time alone and in the house so they get little or no physical activity. The lack of physical activity may put children at risk…show more content…
It is estimated that the number of overweight children has doubled in the last two to three decades. This article also associates obesity to mothers while the child is in utero and there should be emphasis placed on family behaviors proper diet after weaning of a child and making information available to help reduce childhood obesity. The Arthur recommends the following to decrease obesity at the prenatal stage he recommends good prenatal health and nutrition. In infancy it is said that mothers should breast feed until 6 months of age and do not give solid foods until a child is over six months and at that time introduce a diet that is well balanced and snacks that are low in calories. At the preschool age foods should be given that are healthy and keep children away from junk foods. In childhood children should be taught about nutrition and be encouraged to have some form of daily physical activity. By adolescence the child should be taught how to maintain healthy nutrition and continue to be involved in physical

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