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“Negro people a bad check, a check in which has come back marked “insufficient funds.” The first quote I found the statement to be striking because Dr. King Jr. was comparing writing a bad check to the black culture. I found this to be appalling, disgusting, and bothersome. I guess I find the quote so negatively because I come from a time where there is more tolerance of people. We, as Americans, have come over the hurdle of just looking at a person at face value, but to look at a person’s actions and accountability rather than looking at JUST color of their skin. White, Asian, Hispanic or any other culture can write a bad check. Every country and culture has their bad checks too. We finally crossed a barrier to be able to tolerate. WE, as people do not live in a perfect world or country. WE can make through a day because of tolerance for people and to let bygones be bygones. WE must learn from OUR past and move forward with positive actions. To teach OUR children to tolerate others, teach OUR children to help each other, and to teach OUR children they are not the supriorty race. In all we ARE all human and every human makes mistakes. WE must learn from the past mistake so the fault does not happen again. “Where the little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with white boys and white girls and walk together as sisters and brothers.” The second quote I found the statement to be effective. I am at a park with my family, so my boys can learn how to play football with their dad and I doing this assignment. As I scan around the park, people are everywhere. Some playing soccer for a team, families brought their kids to play on the playground, and some are just out enjoying the awesome weather. I think Dr. King Jr. would find this to be the moment he has been waiting for. There is no more segregation, no more hostility against the black

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