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Rebecca Taylor Bounds AP Lang 3 12/09/15 Pretty Place There are many exquisite places in South Carolina. For example, Downtown Greenville, Reedy River, Table Rock, and Caesar's Head are among the many in this state. Among these beautiful places is Pretty Place. People come from all over South Carolina and North Carolina to embrace the majestic view of this chapel overlooking the mountains. By how the mountains overlap each other with vibrant colors of every season and how the sun stretches out over the cross as if it were Jesus standing right before you is the reason why this view is so gorgeous luring. This Chapel reflects a strong religious background of the Christian Faith with the cross it displays and a verse from the Bible. Many churches each year bring their youth to Camp Greenville which is less than a mile from the view because of its Godly factors. I remember on many occasions when I would wake up super early before sunrise with many others and walk the long, chilling, but inspiring road that leads me straight to the cross. As I walk I like to allow my thoughts to come together and emit a relaxing sensation over my spirit. This calms me and prepares me for the beauty that lays ahead, the beauty that in my eyes surpasses all understanding. The best time to go to Pretty Place is during the fall season because of the many colors that surround the atmosphere. My favorite season is fall so every time I go to Camp Greenville I always make it a priority to go see the beautiful cross again. If you stand back nearest the entrance of the chapel you can see how the cross overlooks and almost overpowers the view and the only thing you can think of is Who made the view in the first place. There is writing at the top of the Chapel just above the cross that reads "I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills" which is from a passage in the Bible, Psalm 121. This verse

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