Pretty Little Liars Book Report

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Book Report # 1 1. I chose this book because I got it as a Christmas gift this past year from my older sister Lisa. It came in a series and I decided that I should read it for my book report. I read the first book and I loved it. They came out with a TV series and it just happens to be one of my favorite shows. The book are always better anyways. 2. Alison is the queen bee of Rosewood High. Everyone knew who she was, wanted to be friends with her, wanted to look like her while the boy were drooling over her 'hot' body and good looks She had four best friends named Hanna, Emily, Aria and Spencer. They would all tell Alison her secrets but were their secrets ever really safe? Hanna was very chubby when she had first met Alison. She would try and help Hanna to 'lose' weight by becoming bulimic and binge eating. Sooner or later, Hanna had lost a ton of weight and started to look more and more like Alison. Emily was on the swim team and was very athletic. She started to gain a crush on Ali and began to question her sexuality and would lie to herself by saying what she was isn't real. Aria was always the weird girl at Rosewood High. Alison was there when Aria had caught her father having an affair. Spencer is always being compared to her sister, Melisa. By this happening, Spencer feels as if she has to always one-up the competition so she can get by. Eventually, Ali finds out that Spencer had been kissing her older sister's boyfriends. These girls wouldn't be anything if it wasn't for Alison. If she didn't come into their lives, who would they be? According to Ali, no one. One night, the girls just happen to have a sleepover in Spencer’s backyard. A argument began to brew between Ali and Spencer. Alison walks out and they never hear from her again. Why? Because Alison DiLaurentis was murdered the night the she disappeared. A couple of years

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