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My understanding of belonging has been influenced by the way people will act just to fit into society. In the TV series Pretty Little liars the poems “Feliks Skrzyneck” and “ Ancestors” and ______________ it demonstrates belonging by showing the way people will act and the measures they would go to just to “fit in” And the extent they would go to just to ruin other people reputation and lives and relationship just so more people would like them. Pretty little liars The TV Series Pretty Little Liars is a show based on a group of teenage girls who at the start of the series they are all “losers” and don’t exactly fit in with society. Hannah was an overweight young girl and was self-conscious of her-self image. Alison the girl who the story line us based on brings the group of girls together and manipulates them and transforms them into girls who have the potential to be “popular”. Hannah over the holidays has a massive weight transformation. In one of the episodes in season 2 Moana a typical “nerdy” girl who just trys to talk to the girls see’s Alison in a Store downtown. Alison tells her to go away and Moana…show more content…
“at thirteen stumbling over tenes in caesar’s gallic war, I forgot my first polish word” This show’s how he is neglecting his polish culture and not expressing his heritage he feel’s as though he does not belong. “he repeated it so I never forgot after that, like a dumb prophet, watched me pegging my tent further and further south of hadrian’s wall.” This quote explains how he is building a barrier between his polish and Australian culture and he is pushing the polish culture further away and trying to fit in more with the Australian society “ dumb prohet” expresses how his dad feels as he watches his son become closer with Australian society and further away from his polish

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