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Pretty Little Liars Sara Shepard For JSW Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead. —BENJAMIN FRANKLIN Contents Epigraph How It All Started 1 Oranges, Peaches, and Limes, Oh My! 2 Icelandic (and Finnish) Girls Are Easy 3 Hanna’s First Toggle 4 Spencer Walks the Plank 5 Starts and Fitz 6 Emily’s French Too! 7 Spencer’s Got a Tight Posterior (Deltoid) 8 Where are the Damn Girl Scouts When You Need Them? 9 Not Your Typical Student-Teacher Conference 10 Single Girls have Way More Fun 11 At Least Sweet Potatoes have Lots of Vitamin A 12 Mmm, Love that New-Test-Score Smell 13 Act One: Girl Makes Boy Want Her 14 That’ll Teach You to Google-Stalk When You’re Supposed to be Studying 15 Insulting his Masculinity is Such a Deal Breaker 16 Never Trust an Invite Without a Return Address 17 Duck, Duck, Goose! 18 Where’s Our Old Emily and What Have You Done with Her? 19 Spicy Hot 20 All Emily Needs is a Light Saber and a Black Helmet 21 Hot Girls—They’re Just Like Us! 22 Beer Baths are Good for the Pores 23 Icelandic Aria Gets What She Wants 24 There’s More Than Just Shoes and Jeans in Spencer’s Closet 25 Student Drivers These Days! 26 Do U Love Me? Y or N? 27 Don’t Mind Me, I’m Just Dead! 28 Brad and Angelina Actually Met at the Rosewood Police Station 29 Good Morning, We Hate You 30 The Circus is Back in Town 31 Hell is Other People 32 A Fallen Star 33 Rosewood’s Finest 34 Fancy Meeting You Here 35 Just You Wait Acknowledgments What Happens Next… Credits Excerpt from The Lying Game Prologue 1 The Dead Ringer Back Ads Back ad for The Lying Game Back ad for Everything We Ever Wanted About the Author Other Books by Sara Shepard Copyright About the Publisher HOW IT ALL STARTED Imagine it’s a couple of years ago, the summer between seventh and eighth grade. You’re tan from lying out next to your rock-lined pool, you’ve got on your new

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