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13 0572 Imagine being on the way to the airport, going to a flight to go back home when suddenly receiving an email or a text message saying, “… Flight PR 865 bound for Cebu, your flight has been cancelled due to disturbance in composed weather…” Now, that isn’t the best thing to read. In a situation like that, it wouldn’t just make the people angry that their flight has been cancelled, but also because of how unattractive the message was written. Reading a message like that, there’s only one explanation for it: Pretentious writing. Usually when conveying a message, it is addressed to an audience and the goal is for them to understand what is being said. This cannot be seen in the airport announcement. The same understanding goes for writing, especially for professional writers. It is a professional writer’s job to write and make sure the readers understand his or her works. If a professional writer cannot write in a way understandable to his or her audience, they would not be able to earn money from their works because no one can understand or be impressed by the message they are trying to convey. Writers should impress their readers with their writing and make sure the readers can finish it till the very end. Sometimes writers think they can impress the readers through pretentious writing. The writers think it will make them sound smart. Pretentious writing is so often used in textbooks and by other professional writers that it influences the writers to think that it is right to follow these works. Pretentious writing covers up the truth of writing. Writers who use pretentious writing, which is full of highfaluting words and results to clutter, only leads their audience to misunderstand the message being delivered. Some professional writers use pretentious language because they believe it will impress their readers. Professional writers use

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