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Assignment # 2 This article wants to show how pretend play helps to develop a child’s cognitive, social, and educational development. Pretend play involves the ability to change objects and movements figuratively. It shared social exchange of ideas and cooperation; and it involves putting themselves in others place, making up a story, and creativeness. We need to pay attention to the things that children are acting out because it can influence their development in different ways. Children that do without this pretend play can hurt in the long-run when it comes to developing the skills they need when they get older. This article talks about the many of concepts related to pretend play and cognition and briefly synthesizes the latest research on the role of such play in children's cognitive, social, and academic development. The article tells that there is evidence to suggest that if a child pretend plays a number of times, then pretend play is an important part to see abstract thought, that it may show greater cognition. There are links between pretend play and social and linguistic skills. The article also tells that there is still a great need for research on the relationship between high levels of pretend play and development of skills in education. The possible relationships between make-believe and the development of mental symbols (Theory of Mind or TOM) have been studied. It also talks about how children will create a “Twin World”; one that they go to when they pretend play; that is like the real world. The article concludes with it talking about the challenges and potential policy directions suggested by research findings. I feel that this article expressed why pretend play is so important in a child’s life. It shows that children develop many skills when they are stimulated with this play. We encourage children to pretend play when we give them different

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