Presumptive Stereotyping and Its Troubles

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Presumptive Stereotyping and its Troubles Presumptive Stereotyping and its Troubles Three stereotypes that people have about me are that I am hateful, a know-it-all, and unable to learn. I have experienced and accomplished many things throughout my lifetime and because of my experiences and accomplishments people make assumptions about me that are very untrue and, if these people were to get to know me they too would also know that these things are untrue. One stereotype that people have assumed is that I am hateful; they believe this because I am a volunteer to speak up for children who have been abused and mistreated in a court of law, (a.k.a. Guardian Ad Litem). They assume that I will be like other Department of Children and Families service workers and treat them in a hateful disrespectful manner. But in fact, I am not like that at all, my mother always taught me to treat others like I would like to be treated, and I have lived by this rule my whole life. Those who know me know that I am probably one of the least hateful people you will meet in your life, I do not like conflict, and therefore I try to avoid it at all costs. I consider this stereotype to be very hurtful and it has caused damage to my health in all ways such as overeating, and being depressed all the time. My depression got so bad that at one time in my life all I wanted to do was sleep my life away, luckily the support from my family helped me to realize that I am not a hateful person and that I need not listen this stereotype. Another stereotype that people have categorized me to be is that I am a know-it-all, because of my years as a correctional officer. From personal experience as a correctional officer I know that most correctional officers act as though they are better than everyone else (including law enforcement officers), and that they literally know-it-all. However, in my case

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