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Mr Shelton’s complaint can give to Presto Cleaner real benefits because he discovered most of its points of weakness. That firm found a very good idea to take advantage of its opportunity of providing a better service in order to gain more market shares. It made that possible developing its own service’s customization and automation: a computerized management of laundry orders. This point of strength supposed to exceed its competitors because would have allowed Presto Cleaner to offer a more practical service within a cut of costs. Unfortunately, something went wrong. Mr and Mrs Shelton are understandably upset because of the low-quality service provided. Their version and Mr Hoffner’s one are quite contrasting; restraining from determining which of those is true, a dysfunction occurred and it have to be righted. Mr Shelton’s points pertain to more than one problem: the main reason of his complaint is their clothes lost. But when he raised his query about dynamics of events he encountered other lacks: first of all Mr Hoffner’s weak willingness to handle his customer’s complaint, but also his own incompetence in trying to repair that issue. Now the question is: where Presto Cleaner should push itself about handling complaints? Mr Hoffner, basing on what Mr Shelton asks, assessed the damage more than $200. It may be too much only if there wasn’t any customer care. Providing a high-quality service has its risks, mostly being less cheap than competitors, so keeping your own customers loyal is very important. That’s why Mr Hoffner’s points about how handling that complaint are erroneous. Some different remedies need to be brought: 1. First of all, the $35 at the heart of the matter should be reimbursed him, because it has not any sense that he paid for a bad service; furthermore, all the shirts that Mr Shelton had to buy would have to be refunded. 2. Offering one

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