Pressures Protagonists Have Essay

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Pressures that Protagonists have In life there is always pressure. Whether it would be from parents, family, society, or friends. There are pressures of being a certain way, looking a certain way, or doing something a certain way. But not only are there pressure in life, but there are also pressures in stories. The short stories that the class has read all have some positive and negative effects on the protagonists. The two stories that the reader will come across are both negative pressures that are similar to the pressures in life. For the first story, “Everyone talked loudly in Chinatown,” there is a little girl named Lin. She has a grandmother who is extremely ill and is dying. Lin is always spending time with this boy that her mother and father do not know about. Her mother is always asking Lin to take care of her grandmother. Lin always complains that it is not fair that she has to take care of her. She is always saying that she hates feeding her grandmother and that she wisher it would be over with already. Lin is constantly asking her mother to do the feeding but her mom has not given in to her begging. One night Lin decides to lie to her parents about going to a friend’s house, but really she is going on a date with the boy she likes. The boy walks her home and the two of them start to kiss. Her parents catch her and are very discriminating because he is a white boy. The problem in this story is that Lin is too focused on the boy and not focused enough oh her dying grandmother and also the fact that her parents do not approve of Lin being with a white Vo 2 boy. The pressure here is that Lin feels the need to be with him 27/7 while her mother is at home watching her grandmother. Lin is so caught up with the boy that she does not have any time for her grandmother. She is abusing the time she has left with her and before you know it, the

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