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Project On Pressure Sores. NVQ Level 3 What is a pressure sore ? Pressure sores develop when compression of the skin in one area of the body cuts off the blood supply, usually when someone sits or lies in one position for too long the extra pressure disrupts the flow of blood through the skin. Without a blood supply, the affected area of skin becomes starved of oxygen and nutrients. It begins to break down, leading to the formation of an ulcer. Sores often develop on the areas that take the pressure when we sit or lie down, such as the: * Hips. * Buttocks. * Base of the spine. * Heels. * Ankles. * Shoulders, especially where bony prominences aren't protected by much fat. Causes of pressure sores. There are many causes of pressure sores here are a few examples : * Being unable to move around easily due to old age or illness. * Weight loss - you may have less padding over bony areas. * Sliding down in a bed or chair - pressure on the skin cuts off blood supply because the skin is being pulled in different directions. * Friction or rubbing of the skin, for example against sheets. * Moist skin - for example, due to sweating or incontinence. * Other medical conditions, such as diabetes. Preventing pressure sores. Pressure ulcers can develop very quickly in some people if the person is unable to move for even a very short time. Without care, pressure ulcers can be very serious. They can damage not just the skin, but also deeper layers of tissue under the skin. We can prevent pressure sores by, * Regularly changing a person’s postion * Using equipment, ie pressure cushions and mattresses. Different grades of pressure sores. Grade 1 * Reddened or darkened skin that will not turn white when firmly pressed Grade 2 * Partial skin loss or damage,

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