Pressure and Moments Summary

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9L Summary Sheets Pressure and moments Pressure on solids |A |The thumb is putting a force onto |B |The thumb is putting a force on the | |[pic] |the head of the pin. The force is |[pic] |board. The area of the thumb is much| | |transferred to the point of the pin.| |larger than the area of the pin | | |This is a very small area, so there | |point, so there is only a small | | |is a very large pressure on the | |pressure on the board. The thumb | | |board, and the pin goes in. | |does not go into the board. | Examples of a small area giving a large pressure: | |[pic] | |[pic] | | |Sharp knife. |Ice skates. | Examples of a large area giving a small pressure: |[pic] |[pic] | |Snow shoes. |Camel on sand. | We can work out the pressure on something by using this formula:

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