Presidents in Comparison: Barack Obama

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Ford 1 LaTasha Ford Mrs. C. Crawford U.S. Government 7 January 2013 Presidents in Comparison: Barack Obama President Barack Obama is by far one of the most influential, courageous, and admirable people who has served as president. His first term was believed to be prominent in the eyesight of many. Based on Obama’s performance to fulfill his duties as President of the United States, it has been said that he is commendable enough to be compared to those presidents in which their terms served as a significant turning point in history. Presidents of such standards, policies, and administration would be those like: Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Ronald Reagan. More specifically, they were most notable for ideas and standards as: The Jacksonian Democracy, The Slavery Dilemma, The New Deal, The Great Society, and that of Trickle-down Economics. All ideologies are areas in which most people compare these great presidents to that of President Barack Obama. Barack Obama has achieved many milestones in his lifetime and has gone where no president has gone before. Born a U.S. citizen, Barack Obama is elected President of the Unites States in 2008. As leader of this great country, Barack is expected to fulfill the expectations of the citizens of the United States. Like Andrew Jackson, Obama is associated with the movement toward increase popular participation in government. Because Andrew Jackson was seen by many as the symbol of democratic feelings of his time, his term was recognized as the Ford 2 Jacksonian Democracy. Some would call him a hero, an expansionist, a man of his word. As time continues, dispute grows between historians over the Jacksonian Democracy’s social nature. Barack Obama’s first term puts him in a field of authority. In his first four years as president, Barack has been a man of
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