Presidential Speech Analysis

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Presidential Speech Analysis At the Republican National Convention and the Democratic National Convention, both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama made convincing speeches as to why they should be elected as president. Both candidates addressed main issues throughout, but only one made the most convincing speech. Although still effective, Romney’s speech was less influential when compared to Obama’s as he spent too much time talking about himself, and also seemed to contradict himself while Obama, on the other hand, was more concise and spent more time tackling the prominent issues this country faces. Romney’s speech was in no way weak, but could have been improved by changing the focus of the speech. In a successful attempt to create both ethos and logos, Romney says: “Paul Ryan and I have five steps. First, by 2020, North America will be…” and continues to discuss how he will create many jobs and make America much more energy efficient. However, although he establishes ethos and logos, he contradicts himself as well. Previously (and later), Romney states how President Obama has not made much or any improvements over the last four years. He says his influence will not take effect until 2020, eight years after possibly being elected. How can he compare the success Obama has had in four years, with the amount of success he plans to have in eight years? If he believes it will take him eight years to create change and prosperity, then what is the harm in giving Obama another term? Additionally, Romney falters by talking about himself too much: “When I was 37, I helped to start a small company. My partners and I had been working…” Romney mentions himself too often and loses focus on what the point of the speech was: to show why Obama’s term as president has not been successful. Why should he be talking about his life before candidacy when he could be
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