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Deborah Lim Period 6 February 22nd, 2012 Presidential Qualifications In the United States, the president represents the main leader if our country. The president has many roles to play in our government, that is why they must be the most qualified they can be to lead our country in the right direction. They must meet the legal requirements written in the Constitution to be eligible for being president. But there are numerous unstated qualifications that highly impact how well the president can lead our country. First, there are three qualifications that are clearly written in the Constitution. They are very general. The president must be at least 35 years old, have resided in the U.S. for at least 14 years, and be a natural born citizen. These requirements ensure that the president understands and acknowledges our country well. The age requirement is needed so that we do not have an immature president. Not that 35 is the magic number, but a 20 year old president usually hasn’t experienced enough in life. The president must understand how the people of the U.S. work and the governmental system they live in. By living in America for 14 years, the president knows the systems of the U.S. therefore they can find proper solutions on the main issues of the country. If a man met all the other requirements except for residing in America for 14 years, let’s say for 5 years, he wouldn’t be able to find the best solutions for our country. This is because he does not completely know our countries needs and doesn’t know the long term effects of our issues. It is also important that the president is a natural born citizen because it started with the Revolutionary War. The founding fathers didn’t want a British man to be able to run for President. Sometimes this law is controversial but is important. Next, there are many qualifications that are not officially written in the

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