Presidential Powers Essay

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Presidential Powers A constitution comprises of a set of principles and rules which are established by a country or an organization for purposes of governance. Most countries have adopted a constitution that dictates how such country should be governed. Constitutions are designed to protect the rights of people they govern. They also define the roles played by the offices created by constitution. Such may include the executive, judiciary and legislature (Thomas, 2008). This paper seeks to argue that the United States Constitution limits the presidential powers, and thus governing presidents should act in the best interest of the public. The presidency is the popular symbol of governmental authority. Therefore, the president is the chief administrator or the chief executive of a given country. In most countries, the presidency is a constitutional office with a specific term and a specific procedure for electing the president. In the US, the office of the president is a constitutional office that is presided over by a president elect with a four years term. Section 1 of Article II of the US Constitution vests executive powers of the presidency to the elect president (U.S. Constitution Online, 2011). As per Section 2 of Article II of the US Constitution, the president is granted the powers such as the commander in chief of the armed forces. The president is also accorded the powers to seek opinions from officers in the service. Further, the president through the consent of Congress has been given the powers to join treaties and appoint public servants such as ambassadors and ministers. Within this section, the president is also allowed to appoint officers during recess. Section 3 of Article II expounds on the role of the president in Congress and his powers to convene and adjourn Congress. It is also in Section 3 where the president is expected to ensure that the
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