Presidential Personality In Times Of War

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Part 1. Introduction Throughout our nation’s history, many presidents found themselves in variety of positions in the times of war. Sometime it is inherited, reactionary or offensive. With many more options, we find ourselves looking at the personality our presidents and their cabinet takes in resolving the conflicts and preserving American interests. Within the document are studies on different circumstances we find ourselves as a nation during 20th and 21st century, and study the decisions that are made by our leaders. This paper is meant to study the decisions made, as well as the research done to support them in a quasi-experimental design. Predominantly the cases noted are during one of the major wars US was involved in at the late 20th century, being the Vietnam War. During this period, US was threatened on both philosophical as well as military front, as this was the crucial time for US to establish its dominance as well as dictate the agenda we stand by today. As noted this was an important time and takes a considerable time of examination. Public opinion as discovered plays vital role in influencing presidential decisions and generally simulates the attitude and mentality of the American public on the wars. This is of course, holds a considerable weight that pulls on the executive branch and their decisions and policy, but members of the White House and other appointees have agenda of their own. These along with many other issues are observed and considered in the studies done. Public opinion also plays a statistical importance on the outlook on the wars and is also observed from an analytical position. The informative paper is meant to compare and contrast the difference in personality’s presidents’ share during a period of war. Cases studied are meant to guide and pave a road in understanding the rational of executive leaders and the

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