Presidential Election 2012 Essay

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2012 Election Project The chance to be the President of the United States of America is one of the most honored and respected jobs in the world. Democrat President Barack Obama and republican Governor Mitt Romney are battling it out this year to see who will become the President for the next four years. Both candidates believe that they can dig America completely out of the deep hole that we were in economically and bring us down a road of prosperity. Debate over jobs, taxes, and education separate the candidates’ approaches to running this country and leading us to grow and thrive. Imagine you are looking to buy a house for the next four years, and in doing this, you make a decision by only looking at the outside of the houses. How are you supposed to choose a home that will better suit you without looking at the insides of the houses and identifying both the negatives and positives? The answer to this question is simple; you can’t just decide on a house that appears to be better. Now on another note, with this year’s election coming up, you cannot just decide on who will actually bring America back to prosperity and dig it out of the hole we call “the recession.” In the election of 2012, America has the choice of two different approaches that should be led by for the next four years. President Barack Obama has been campaigning with the slogan “Forward!” He claims that the country has progressed in the last four years under his policies. But it’s necessary that he be elected for the next term in order to really move the country forward. Governor Mitt Romney has a different approach than what has been taken in the last four years. He believes that America has been deteriorating under Obama's policies and will continue to do so unless we shift economic policies to put the country back on track. According to Romney's five point plan the
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