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Presidential Outlines for Advanced Placement United States History Type and double space the following factual and evaluative information in the detailed outline form for each president assigned. Be sure to include dates, explanatory information, the significance of each item, and any other pertinent details you believe will enhance your work. Be thorough, but be concise. If you are writing about a treaty, for example, be sure to explain between what countries the treaty was conducted, why the conflict ended, and the impact upon the countries involved, especially the United States. Be sure to list the provisions of the treaty and whether or not it was successful. An item listed with each presidential administration should be placed…show more content…
Vice President – Note the years of those not completing terms. VIII. Cabinet Members – Note each member & the years they served each position. IX. Supreme Court Appointments – Note each member of the Supreme Court appointed, or elevated. X. Major domestic happenings during this presidential administration. List each domestic happening chronologically, include the date in parentheses, give an explanation of the item, and detail its significance, including two-term presidents’ reelection. Be sure to differentiate Social (see: XIII) or Technological Changes (see: XIV) EXAMPLE: Judiciary Act (1789) – One of the first laws passed by Congress under the new Constitution. It organized the Supreme Court and established lower federal courts throughout the country. XI. Major foreign policy decisions made by the US (including treaties, negotiations, conflicts, wars, etc.) EXAMPLE: Pinckney Treaty with Spain (1795) – Fixed the boundary between the US and west Florida. The treaty, negotiated by Thomas Pinckney, also gave America the right to navigate the entire length of the Mississippi River to its mouth and to use the Spanish-owned port of New Orleans as a free shipping port for US exports. The treaty provided frontiersmen with the ‘right of deposit’ for their products and a convenient shipping outlet to the Gulf of…show more content…
Roosevelt (Domestic) 1933 – Became 32nd President 1942 – National War Labor Board 13 Million Americans unemployed Executive Order 9066 National Bank Holiday War Production Board Beginning of 1st New Deal Manhattan Project (1st) Agricultural Adjustment Act 1943 – Smith-Connally Anti-Strike Act Tennessee Valley Authority Race Riots – Detroit, Harlem, & 45 cities National Industrial Recovery Act 1944 – Korematsu v. U. S. Public Works Administration Serviceman’s Readjustment Act Civil Works Administration 1945 – FDR Died Gold Repeal Resolution 21st Amendment Franklin D. Roosevelt (Foreign) Civilian Conservation Corps 1933 – Became 32nd President Farm Credit Administration Good Neighbor Policy 1934 – Securities and Exchange Act Independence Act for Philippine Islands Federal Communications Act 1934 – Treaty of Relations Reciprocal Tariff Act Tydings-McDuffie Act 1st Farm Mortgage Moratorium Act 1935 – 1st Neutrality Act Townsend’s Old Age Revolving Pension Plan 1936 – Pan-American Conference Huey Long’s Share Our Wealth Society 1937 – Cash & Carry Neutrality

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