President Reagan's Contribution To Simulation Of The Economy

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Reagan’s policies reflected conservative politics and contributed to simulation of the economy in many ways. Reagan was one of the people that where involved with the Economic Recovery Tax act in 1981. The Economic Recovery Tax Act cut all income taxes by twenty five percent, and reduced the top income tax rate from seventy percent to fifty percent. In the beginning of the fall in 1982 the economy began a sixth straight mount growth due to the Economic Recovery Tax Act. This was the longest uninterrupted period of expansion since the government started keeping track in 1854.During this time fifteen million new jobs were created and just under twenty trillion dollars worth of good and services were produced. President Reagan inflated the DOD budget. He wanted the Americans to be ready for a war just in case if one ever happened. President Regan also had plains for what he called the “star Wars.” His Plain was to make some kind of shield that would protect us from nuclear missiles. President Reagan also deregulated the lending restrictions for savings and loans. In1982 President Regan signed the German Depository Institutions Act. This Act will provides a long-term solution for troubled thrift institutions.…show more content…
He made a lot of changes that are still affecting us today. Reference Edwards, Ph.D., L. (2003). The Origins of the Modern American Conservative Movement. The Heritage Foundation . Retrieved from

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