President Nixon Resignation Speech Essay

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On august 8th 1974 president Nixon release his resignation speech to the world. Nixon did this because of the Watergate scandal. Nixon knew that he was going to be impeached, so he didn’t want that event to be strung on. President Nixon never stated that he had anything to do with the Watergate break-in. president Nixon was arguably one of the best presidents this country has ever had, but he was one of the most corrupt. The difference between him and all the other presidents is he got caught. At 9pm he told the country as of noon tomorrow that Gerald Ford would become president. He had a lot to say to the public here are three most important parts of his speech. The most important issue president Nixon addressed in his resignation speech was the accomplishment that his administration had. This is important because he wanted to remind Americans that he did a good job as president. It is also a reminder that he only made on crucial mistake during his presidency. It was also an indirect way to tell president ford what he needs to do such as continue to build the relationships with foreign countries. The second most important thing president Nixon addressed was that he had never been a quitter. This is important because he didn’t want the American people to think that they appointed a quitter as their leader. It was also to show that for the five and a half years he served he did his best. It also showed how much he loved his country. He said that he was resigning because it was best for the country. He said that American needs a “full time president and a full time congress”. Nixon knew if he would continue his presidency that he couldn’t put in everything he had and neither could the rest of the American government. The third most important issue the president addressed was the appointment of Gerald Ford. He told the American people to support him for

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