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Was Grants term as president a low point in our political history or was it the people in the background? Throughout Grant’s term as president he was accused of being corrupt, but some historians say that they have found no evidence showing corruptness. Now what was done back then legitimately is looked on as corrupt even though by todays standards it is not. As a President, Grant was also called ineffective for not accomplishing much, but he actually did many things. While Grant was president he was constantly being accused of being corrupt, but the facts tell otherwise. He was accused of causing the Crédit Mobilier but it’s not a Grant scandal since the company was founded during the President Abraham Lincoln administration. The first scandal to taint the Grant administration in 1869 was the Gold Panic, which was an attempt by two financiers to corner the price of gold without regard to the nation's economic welfare. The intricate financial scheme was primarily conceived and administered by Wall Street manipulator Jay Gould and his partner James Fisk in September 1869. The two were able to get Grant's brother in law Abel Rathbone Corbin involved with the scheme as a way to get access to Grant. Grant was always being could corrupt when it really wasn’t his fault. Since the times have changed if you look back into Grant’s term as President things look off and illegitament. But in reality it was okay in that time. He was critized for supporting the equality of all races, but in today it was a good thing. Grant’s presidency accomplished many things yet he was still called ineffective. Yet it was Grant who carried the country through the difficult years after the war. He fought for the prosperity of the economy and settled the Alabama claims. He also enforced the reconstruction and protected the newly freed slaves. Even though Grant did all of this he was still

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