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From Boy to Man Choosing family over friends and your favorite hobbies as a child has got to be one of the hardest things ever! The story is President Cleveland, Where are You? , written by Robert Cormier and the theme is it is better to give than receive. The story is based on the main character Jerry whose hobby is collect cards and his dilemma becomes whether or not to support his hobby or his family. In the beginning Jerry is a selfish immature child, as every child is but as the story progresses he becomes more and more mature. As a young boy Jerry was wild and had only one care in the world collecting his cowboy cards! It seemed like every time he had a bit of money he was down at the store purchasing or trading cards with friends. It was an addiction! His older brother even asked him for money to buy dad something nice for father’s day he was hesitant and only have him 1/5 of his earnings, only a nickel because he wanted new cards. His brother said "it's Pa's birthday tomorrow. I think we ought to chip in and buy him something..." he replied, "Aw, come on," I protested. "I haven't got a single…show more content…
When his brother was walking around sad and humbled he asked what was wrong. He told him he no money to take a girl he liked very much to prom so Jerry reached in his pocket and gave him all his earnings he’d been saving up. "How can I take Sally to a fancy dance?" he asked desperately. "I'd have to buy her a corsage. . . . And my shoes are practically falling apart. Pa's got too many worries now to buy me new shoes or give me money for flowers for a girl." I nodded in sympathy. "Yeah," I said. "Look at me. Baseball time is almost here, and all I've got is that old glove He finally understood family more important and no prize was greater than seeing his brother happy and proud of

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