Preserving vs. Destroying Historical Buildings Essay

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Throughout history people have been arguing on whether or not they should preserve old historical buildings. Some believe that such buildings are of no use and hence, are supporting their demolition and their replacement by modern ones. Others are of the opinion that such buildings have a major historical importance and therefore should be preserved from both the effects of time and human activity. I personally believe that historical building are part of our heritage and should by no means be replaced. To begin with, these buildings demonstrate the tremendous work, persistency and innovation of our predecessors. Most of them are works of art that display and promote both our culture and civilization. They are landmarks that characterize cities in an international level and thus are a pole of attraction for tourists. However, these buildings, most importantly characterize us, they help us discover more about our culture and about the past generations. Their reservation is a moral duty that our predecessors have entrusted us and that we ought to successfully accomplish. Nevertheless there are those who advocate that preservation of such buildings is so costly that is unaffordable by nations today. Furthermore supporters of this notion, believe that historical building would be of greater use if replaced by eco-friendly modern ones that can serve the needs of modern people in a more effective manner. To sum up, I believe that the preservation of old historical building should consist a priority even in today's modern society. These buildings are a part of our history that we cannot afford to

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