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Preserve Our Environment Essay

  • Submitted by: boretv
  • on March 17, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Preserve Our Environment
The cleanliness of our environment is fast degrading and if nothing is done, we will lose the only home we have—the earth. If every citizen is to lift a finger to help Mother Nature soon she will be on the road to recovering. We, the members of the Environmental Club have come out with measures we plan to undertake to do our part for the environment.
Every day, thousand s of tones of rubbish are produced and this amount is increasing. The world is going to be drowned by rubbish which soon pollutes the environment we live in. Industries and households are the major contributor of this rubbish. The piles of rubbish attract volumes of flies and breed harmful bacteria. If nothing is done, the effect can be detrimental to human health.
Our school, a place of learning is not spared. This is due to our students’ unconcerned and indifferent attitude. Most of them simply litter the school compound as they have no love for the school. If it is their home, they will definitely not do so. Students need to be taught and ingrained with the value to love their school.
The club suggests conducting a campaign in the school which will benefit both the environment and the school. The campaign is to urge and to encourage students to recycle in order to reduce rubbish. Most students, being young and carefree, are ignorant (don’t know many things) about the importance of preserving the environment. Simply put , they do not know how to recycle and where to send the recycle items. The school can become a centre for collecting recyclable items. Various coloured bins can be placed at strategic locations. Later, collection center can be called to take away the items.
Besides, to make recycling more attractive and to encourage students to practice recycling, competition related to recycling can be held. In this way, our recycling effort is not only a short term one but for the whole years. Thus, students cultivate (培养) the habit of recycling. To more motivate and...

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