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What do you think of when you hear the words “Presentation”? I know what I think- sweat, embarrassment, and failure. I cannot help but immediately putting myself in a room full of a thousand people in my head just laughing at me. Some people enjoy presenting in front of the class and I honestly do not understand how. Even though each class I have is completely different every presentation has one thing on common; I need to speak in front of the class filled with kids hoping for and expecting me to stumble over my words. My post-presentation feelings are usually a little more calming but my pre-presentation and during the presentation emotions are a lot less stable. Teachers tend to “forget” to tell you when you need to present a speech, project, or paper in front of class until two or three days before its time. It seems like I never have time to prepare myself for this potential embarrassing moment so I end up stressing out to the point of me ultimately giving up; resulting in me winging it during the actual presentation. It depends entirely on what class and what the material I am supposed to speak about but the outcome of my presentations are either very effective or are unbelievably embarrassing. Now its presenting time, my armpits are dipping as sweat trickles down my arms, my eyes are wandering from classmate to classmate worrying I might see a chuckle slip from someone’s mouth. My mouth is watering just as it would water if I was about to sink my teeth into a sour green apple. I feel as if my mouth is saying one thing and my brain is saying another. All I can think about is screwing up, which ends up coming right back around to me actually messing me up. As soon as I hear the class clapping I come out of my hazy state of mind. My armpits are suddenly dry and my rapid heartbeat is slowly easing its way down back to normal. I always have this feeling as if

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