Presentation in a Presentation Essay

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Presentation is everything. It can portray one’s message clearly and understandably, or it can butcher it to a degree unrecognizable to even the presenter. What makes a good presentation? Well there are three main things that make good a good presentation. Those are clear speech, organization of media or other objects used to assist as well as the direct content, and confidence. With these three aspects in hand, any presentation can come across as important and captivating to any audience. One of the most key components of a good presentation is to speak crisply and clearly. If one does not enunciate every phrase clearly, then ideas can become confused and ruin the point that is being pushed. It is important to speak slow enough to be understood so that important topics become fully understandable and the audience isn’t looking at each other with bewildered looks in their eyes, most of them just trying to understand the last statement. Clear sentences and crisp vowel and consonants will keep the ideas on track and keep everyone included in the delivery of the story. Organization always finds its way into almost everything a human does. Presentations are no exception. Without organization, links can’t be made between facts and ideas will just fall apart. Use of media programs can help in this organization as long as the ideas are focused from one mode to another. Keeping everything organized will keep the presentation on track and help deliver the message in the most effective manner possible. Organization will also help to keep unimportant information out of the presentation, making it obvious what doesn’t belong with the other points. With addition of music, computer programs, and pictures along with other assistance, organization becomes increasingly demanding. While important to a presentation, multiple forms of portraying the ideas can jumble the message if

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