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Task B PresentationAnswers. Evelyn Osei Bonsu Bi. direct discrimination is when a person is treated differently base on race, gender or other practices are the same for everyone but a particular employee or group of employees at a disadvantage. Bii. Ways that discrimination can occur could be based on an individual’s ability or on their financial status. Direct discrimination would occur if the care worker shows an objection, that is displays a dislike of the individual and refuses to support them because of the level of their ability or decides that they will withdraw their service because of the individual’s financial status which they believe does not entitle them to the support. Indirect discrimination would occur if the care worker worked in a way that insisted on only working with individuals or staff that met certain requirements or insisted in working in one set way without asking them or finding out from them as this would inadvertently exclude individuals from being supported. Biii. ways of working that are inclusive and support anti-discriminatory practice could include full participation of care workers on every aspect of activities in the care home also feeling respected and also feeling a sence of belonging Biv Treating the individual fairly, on the same level and providing them with equal opportunities to housing, education, employment, transport, health and social care can help as the individual will feel valued and treated fairly and not made vulnerable or set apart that will reduce, if not eliminate any discrimination against that individual or by that individual against others. Inclusion also is important as the individual will be aware of their rights, will feel in control and will feel supported to be able to make their own choices and have their needs met and so reduce the risk of the individual being discriminated against or

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