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Hello everyone, my name is Hanh-Dang from Federation of Refugee from Vietnam in Lewisham. I am here to give a presentation on the project called Healthy eating, Healthy activity and Healthy living. The project aims to improve the knowledge about healthy eating in order to change the unhealthy eating habits to healthier ones and combine the healthy eating with physical activities. This project will be targeting Vietnamese refugees who are over 50 years old and living Deptford and New Cross. Reasons are members of the Vietnamese community who have come and lived in the UK for many years still tend to keep their old fashioned conception that “the more chubby you are, the more well-off your family is”. And also most of them to continue eating foods full of fat. They do not realise these foods lead to the increased risk of high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and mental health problems. We are asking for £5000 for the project, and no charges for our residents. With this money we would invite expert from Public Health Lewisham who would facilitate these nutrition workshops. We will be engaging our member to prepare and cook together the healthy food options, grow their own green food even if they don’t have a garden, and giving out information on healthy eating ideas. The project is focusing on physical well-being by arranging for an expert to come to the centre to conduct various types of exercises for example, the seated exercise. We currently run Tai chi sessions at the centre every Friday. However, as this has helped members with their physical health, they currently do the same basic routine, as they do not know the intermediate/advance level of Tai chi. We would invite a Tai chi professional instructor to come to teach the group new movements that they can then carry on and keep doing as this form of

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