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11:40-12.40 ENGLISH VI VI - 12 I. Objectives * Use the present perfect form of the verb in sentences correctly. II. Subject Matter A. Topic: Using The Present Perfect Tense of Verbs (Speaking) B. References: PELC; Language text, pp. 90-93 C. Materials: chart III. Procedure A. Preparatory Activities 1. Drill spelling; pronunciation 2. Motivation Present some pictures to the class and let the pupils make their sentences orally. B. Developmental Activities 1. Presentation Have the pupils take note of the use of present perfect tense in the selection. 2. Discussion Discuss the use of for and since with the present perfect tense, with the verbs in the conversation: She has taught… for fifteen years now. I have heard… since she became my sister’s teacher. Let them give examples orally. 3. Generalization * The has/have + past participle of the verb are in the present perfect tense. * The use of for and since with the present perfect tense expresses an action that started in the past and still continues to the present. * For tell how long the action has been going on. * Since tells when the action started. * When the present perfect tense of the verb is used without since and for, it expresses an action at some indefinite time in the past. C. Concluding Activities 1. Application/Evaluation Write the present perfect tense of these verbs in your notebook. Number 1 has been done for you. 1. speak has/have spoken 6. drive 2. bring 7. go 3. swim 8. see 4. take 9. write

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