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Presentation guideline Week 2: Verb tenses 1. Examine the use of present tenses in the newspaper and literary work. 2. Compare present perfect and present perfect continuous tenses. Use authentic examples to support your points. 3. Compare past simple and past continuous tenses. Use authentic examples to support your points. 4. Compare different future expressions used in English. Week 3: Moods and Modal verbs 1. Examine the used of moods of English verbs in real life. E.g. when to use? (give authentic examples) 2. Modal verbs: functions of modal verbs. Note: remember to distinguish the use of different modal verbs when they have the similar function. E.g. can vs. could in expressing ability. Week 4: More about verbs 1. Distinguish phrasal verbs and prepositional verbs. Give example to illustrate 2. Complements of verbs 3. Verb pattern: verb + gerund vs. verb + infinitive vs. verb + infinitive/gerund 4. Sequence of tenses 5. Voicing of verbs 6. Reporting: a. Verb tenses in reporting b. Modal verbs in reporting Week 5: Nouns 1. Non-count nouns vs. count nouns: definition; nouns that can be both countable and uncountable 2. Singular vs. plural nouns: definition; nouns that can be both singular and plural 3. Articles Week 6: Pronouns 1. Definition 2. Types of pronouns 3. Pronoun and antecedent Week 7: Sentence agreement 1. Definition 2. Subject-verb agreement: a. Singular S b. Plural S c. Collective nouns as subject d. Coordinated subject 3. Other types of agreement Week 9: Adjectives and adverbs 1. Adjectives: a. Definition b. Adding adjectives to sentence: when in a sentence can adjectives be added? 2. Adverbs: definition 3. Choosing between adjectives and adverbs: some pair that can be misused

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