Presence in Momentum Essay

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GYLS Momentum Sessions Presence – Sergio Bendana Aug 9th 2014 Welcome to the first Global Youth leadership Summit weekly momentum session My name is Sergio, I have been a coach the last 3 years at GYLS & I am also the founder of Run Your Mission Inc., where I do Coaching & Speaking Let’s get into it! What’s your outcome for being on here? Why are you committed to that outcome? Write them both down! What is presence? Presence is simply being in the here and now Different kinds of presence – I’m sure you’ve all experienced them before Being present with things you do, usually called being in flow With yourself/spiritual meditating With other people Even with animals, your dog will thank you Time disappears when you are present Why should we be present? It allows for more meaningful connections Presence is the most important tool to achieve the deepest level of rapport with people, rapport being basically just a connection between people, being in sync People will trust you more, and share more with you It’s one of the best gifts you can give someone Time is the most valuable resource we have and to give it to someone else is an incredible gift How can we be present? First off, it’s more than just undivided attention You need to be engaged on every level physically, mentally, and emotionally You need to be engaged Physical – matching and mirroring to gain as much rapport as possible Mirror their eye contact, blinking, breathing, tone, how fast or slow they speak, and even body language, if they sit with their leg crossed You need to be engaged Mentally - You have to clear your mind of anything else other than the present moment You need to come from a place of Listening with the intent to understand and not the intent to reply When you are formulating your response in your head before the other person has even

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