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February 8, 2008 “The Persons Behind the Addiction” Every day, youngsters are obtaining drugs that stimulate or denounce their physical being. All over the news it is heard about how prescription drugs are falling into the wrong hands and kids as well as adults are succumbing to the harsh reality of these drugs. The death of Heath Ledger is a prominent example. The reason for his death was the mixture of his prescription drugs that without him knowing put him in danger. The use of these certain drugs such as hydrocodone, xanax, and others are becoming a threat to our society and stopping the wide distribution of these drugs seems to be a high priority to be looked into. How are these drugs given to the public without diagnosis or proper procedure?…show more content…
Now days, you can find and buy almost anything off the internet. If you search “buy illegal drugs” in a Google search engine, you most likely will find a site where they sell this possibly fatal prescription drugs. The FDA has been working to stop these sites from being savatoged by illegal users. In the article that was given to congress, the FDA commissioner Jane E. Henney stated, “"Working with other federal and state agencies, we hope to maximize the potential benefits of the Internet by curbing these illegal and dangerous activities." (Henney FDA-1) So it seems that these organizations that are made to protect us are doing their part in helping the cause of illegal drug prescriptions, yet they are not ceasing because of the lack of finding the practitioner that gives the prescription. The FDA says that in their efforts to stop these abuses, one must see a licensed doctor in order to be examined and offered the medicine. This being said, it still doesn’t target the doctor on its own. They might be able to make the process tighter, but if a doctor is crooked, there is really no way of stopping them from writing the prescription. That is why I fight that without making the process of obtaining a license to distribute prescriptions more detailed and strict, there will be no stoppage of the flow…show more content…
Without encountering this problem correctly, not only the abusers life is at risk, but the ones around them as well. If we as a nation come together and fight the battle against prescription drug abuse and push the concerns of crooked doctors and government officials to the big men in congress, the views could change and peace could be kept. These drugs are a necessity to many and because of these crimes; it is hurting the needy from an easy process of receiving their medication. So next time you are at the doctor and you feel that you would feel a lot better and happier with a drug you want other than a drug you need, think about the people that you could affect. Just remember, just because one says they are a doctor, doesn’t mean they are trustworthy. I believe it shouldn’t be that way, living in a pool of questions and concerns that could affect your health. Again, if the process of obtaining a license could be more restricted and correctly administered, we could all live in a world of peace and also be sure of the safety of our

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