Preschool Observation and Developmental Analysis

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Preschool Observation and Developmental Analysis I have chosen to observe Merha, a female approximately 4 years, 7 months old, a preschooler at the Children’s Center. Merha catches my eye as she places both her hands in a butterfly hand puppet. She has a smile on her face as she uses her hands in the butterfly wings to flutter around the room. She flutters to other students but the students are engaged in their tasks and they do not acknowledge her. She moves on and stops at a table as a boy is dictating his story to the teacher. As the teacher is writing the boy’s story, she compliments him on his imagination. Merha watches the two interact and shows the teacher her butterfly puppet. The teacher responds to Merha with a smile and says, “Oh, look at the butterfly!” Merha smiles while she continues to flutter. The teacher then turns her attention towards the boy as he continues his story. Merha’s smile fades while she moves on to another teacher and says, “Look what I am!” The teacher replies, “It’s a pretty butterfly.” Merha smiles and flutters to the other side of the room. Merha tries to initiate play with others without much success. However, this does not deter her from having a good time on her own. On the other side of the room it is quite busy with movement and laughter. She stops to observe the other children as they climb the monkey bars, while talking excitedly to one another and laughing. Merha watches them without much expression. She seems to be exhibiting onlooker play. She looks around the room, puts the butterfly puppet down and heads to the science table. A teacher and girl occupy the table full of test tubes, water bottles connected with colored liquid and other “scientific” tools. Merha sits down and marvels at the objects on the table. She picks up a pair of goggles and places them on her head. Merha quickly

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