Preschool Classroom Essay

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My observation was August 17, 2011. It was about 9:30 in the morning when I began my study. I went to Sugar Land Preschool Learning center. There were 17 children present today, 8 girls and 9 boys and two teachers. All of the children were age 4. Most of the kids in the classroom appeared to be between the ages of three to four. At first the kids seemed a little shy towards me, they did seem to be sociable. I was a stranger to them, and I would have to guess that all of the children were experiencing stranger anxiety. I asked their teacher Ms. Camps about how the children reacted at the beginning of the school year when they did not know her and their parents left them there. She said that the children often would cry and become uneasy but in due time they begin to trust them and were getting comfortable with them. The type of setting is a very warm and welcoming environment. This classroom environment prepared the children for kindergarten with charts of numbers, days of the week, and shapes the children's names were placed in an individual section of on the cubby shelf for their blankets. The room had a variety of bright colors which display a parent information board, daily schedule, labeled learning centers and supplies and also the walls had many pictures of the children creative art work. The classroom had all the necessary areas for a preschool classroom. The room had a house keeping/dramatic play area as well as a block area, writing, science, computer, music, reading, circle, manipulative and art areas. All of the areas were appropriately spaced out and comfortable for the children. The house keeping/dramatic play area was the first visible area one would see when entering the class. This area includes a play stove and refrigerator with plastic food. On the wall were different pieces of clothing that represented various professions and

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